Wednesday, April 4, 2007

So far

Today I woke up to the smell of fried eggs. My brother in law was cooking breakfast. He likes to make pancakes festive by putting sprinkles in the mix. I took a photo of my pancake with the gravy baot of syrup next to it. After eating I got to take him to the metro stop because my sister was still in her robe and blind. I got to drive their new minivan in the rain. I did pretty good! Which was lucky since I failed to take my driver's licence with me. I took a photo of the steering wheel while I sat at a light. After getting ready for the day I went with my sister and nieces to the pediatrician's office. Julia, the youngest, needed shots. Here's a photo of lanelle holding her doll. Julia is in the car seat. It was a pretty sparse dr's office. one kid size table but no toys. A few jungle animals were painted on the walls. They had separate waiting rooms for sick patients from well patients. I wish i'd taken a photo of the little laminated rainbow colored signs. Now my sister is putting the girls down. I think i'll nap.

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