Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I'm somewhere over kansas I believe. Hey julie - I could be in your hood! The view is a pure carpet of white with a perfect blue horizon. I wish my camera were better. You'll have to do some imagining. Luckily I made it to the library yesterday to pick up a copy of this month's book club selection, "guns germs and steel." very enjoyable so far. I think the bit on back says you'll be hooked after 2 pages. I'm somewhere in the thirties. Plus I managed to write an essay on why I should go on a trip to report on a third world country. It's for a contest. If I win I get to go to africa with some ny times reporter - what a dream! I decided to enter the day I responded to dainon's "getting to know your friends 2007" survey where I said something about never having gone to africa. That same day (or near by) I read about this contest. I'll have to blog my winning essay. :) oh, the photo is of the horizon, the other is of my tray table filled with book and beverages. I generally get tomato juice and water whenever I fly because I don't ever drink it at home. The juice, I mean, not water. The girl next to me is doing an activity book filled with quizes to take that reveal the "real you" - think cosmo for preteens. I took one myself, over her shoulder to discover i'm a chocolate chip cookie rather than ginger or sugar. She was sugar. If her life were a movie she'd be a goofball comedy. I don't about myself - the first question stumped me - it had to do with the sign i'd have on my bedroom door. I LOVE flying!
p.s. I don't think the girl next to me likes me very much. I made the mistake of sneaking a bite of my cabbage I brought for lunch. She and her sister made faces at each other. I think it may have smelled funny.

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ewesa said...

I always get vegetable juice when I fly too! it makes me feel like I'm eating vegetables. without the bothersome cabbage smell. sorry the girls are dissing you ward. let it roll off like water off a duck.