Saturday, November 6, 2010

Grateful for in laws

I just barely posted for friday but I noticed it's now saturday so I can post again. Bret and I are spending some time with his parents. We do it about once a month since they live so close and we have the time.

Growing up I heard all the jokes and negativity about in laws so I was prepared for some real challenges when I got married. Well I must say I am blessed. Besides having quality mother and father in law i also have good brothers and sisters in law. It's been easy to get along with them all. They're the sort of people you'll be happy to have your kids spend time with. I think having such good in laws has just made being married that much easier and enjoyable.
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Falaxy said...

you are lucky to have nice inlaws... i call mine "out-laws" so you can imagine what they are like : )

plainoldsarah said...

I know not everyone is that lucky, but I also know that like all relationships they take work. I figure they're like my siblings - I didn't pick them but I'm stuck with them so I'm going to do everything I can to enjoy them. Good luck with yours Falaxy!