Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rest stop

This is the view from one of our many stops. I happened to find a comfortable rock to lie on. Kristen opted to climb down the rocks and run across the beach to meet us in the parking lot. I noticed there was a hostel right by the beach. So very cool! I love hostels but we decided the koa was cheaper for us. And it may have been more comfortable. We loved the koa up in crescent city - loved it! I wish i'd taken a photo of it. Our cabin was in a redwood forest - just a difference of a few feet and we went from daylight to dark. I'm a big fan of the koa kabins. Well... except for the one in willits. No photo of that one either. We stayed there the next night and hated it. Blech. They were celebrating christmas in july and the place seemed packed with partiers. I felt like we were staying in a trailer park. Blech.

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