Monday, July 27, 2009

Move it!

I haven't finished blogging my trip - I will tomorrow - but before I hit the hay I just wanted to report on some of today's fun. to make up for so much sitting the last few days I took myself to the cinema cardio. I caught the last exciting bit of karate kid - what a fun and inspiring flick. It made me want to be a better mentor to the neighbor kid - remember, the one that put stickers on my house. Last week he left a couple letters in my mail box. Anyway, fun was had at the gym but it got better at fhe. There's an especially vibrant fellow in my ward who presented a workshop on health. He's a young spanish version of jack lalanne - in fact he showed a few clips from jack's old show. Very inspiring - I can't wait to learn more. After the presentation he took us through some movements that basically had us hitting ourselves - it was like a self massage. I think it focused on all the pressure points. It was fun to be a part of a room full of adults doing what looked like some funny slap dance. It felt great!

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