Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lady bird johnson grove

Our first tourist stop in the redwoods was stunning. I finally saw things that i've only read about or seen in movies - it's a forest more stunning and fantastical than i've ever been in and i've gotten around. The trees are supposedly taller than football fields. The friends are posed in front of some upturned roots. The forest floor is covered in ferns and clover like plants - all huge to match the trees. Other common trees were rododendrons and hawthornes - they often grew out of fallen dead redwoods - so everything felt alive. A lot of redwoods were bruned on the inside but their outer bark has water for resin so they didn't burn easily and you'd see hollowed out trees still living. They reminded me of one of my favorite childhood books - "my side of the mountain" where a kid lived inside a tree. Best book!

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The Mickelsen's said...

My Side of the Mountain...serisously a great book. I'd better make James read it while it's fresh in my mind. Thanks for the reminder!