Thursday, January 15, 2009


ugh! some of you may not know, but about 5 years ago i got a bad back ache that resulted in a less than normal right foot/leg - a bit of numbness has remained. well... two days ago my right hand started to tingle. i started fearing a similar problem as my foot. but then yesterday i was tingle/pain free! who knows why but i was happy. trouble is, this morning, it came back. this time i think i sense more of an ache or tightness in my shoulder, so that's probably causing it - but really - won't it please go away?! i don't need this in my life.


Christian and Karen Robinson said...

Have you ever thought of a reflexologist? They find the nerve endings in your feet/hands and put pressure on them. It hurts like H! but as weird as it sounds, it totally helps! I don't know how much they cost (My Grandpa did it for me for free when he was alive) but you can see the chart. It couldn't hurt. Well, actually it hurts a lot and then it feels better... It could be your sciatic nerve.

ewesa said...

That is bad news!!!