Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Covered in chocolate you'd think they'd be pretty good - but really, they're nothing special. Can'teven properly taste the cashew. Now give me an almond and i'd be happy. Or at least dark chocolate. Besides, eating half a pound in one day is a really bad idea on other levels.


Mike said...

This might be a "double comment".....Blogger hiccup this morning

Annnnway, never been a cashew fan...I'm with you on the almonds...1/2 lb of roasted/unsalted is right here....in fact I just had a few....miiiiighty fine.

Hershey bar with almonds is "it" for me

Surly Temple said...

Regrettably, not properly tasting the cashews would just lead to me eating MORE of it, in an effort to figure out what the big deal was about chocolate-covered cashews...maybe I'd better feel better about not having any, eh?

plainoldsarah said...

mike - i think i ate an entire bag of hershey's special dark with almond treasures over the holidays. yum.

ms. temple - i think that was my very problem - seeking the joy only brought me regret.