Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hobby airport

I'd just like to inform the world that may be considering flying to houston. If you're destination is on the south end of the city definitely consider using hobby airport. I've never seen nicer restrooms in an airport. Never. The stalls are all family size. There were 3 hooks to use - better than many dressing rooms at the mall! The sinks are those cool trough like ones with automatic spouts all along. And there's enough general floor space to feel like you can fix your hair without taking up counter space. Oh and the rest of the airport is quiet and relaxed and crowd free. Very nice.


Monica Sue said...

did the bathroom stalls have handles on the inside of the door? You know so you can grab on to something as you try to get out of the stall?

It is a big pet peave of mine. And bathrooms with handles on the inside of the door always get a high rating from me. : )

plainoldsarah said...

i knew i should have taken a picture! i think it was just the locking mechanism that you used to open it. but it was so glorious it very well could have had a handle!