Tuesday, January 20, 2009


On this momentous day i'm trying to find some insightful purpose to the contrast of me sitting in a "summit" for high school teachers in my district on small learning communities, compared to where i'd rather be - d.c. "SLC" is the latest greatest idea in closing achievement gaps. I haven't been in the system long enough to gauge how much of a passing fad this may be but my school seems to have a fair amount of skeptics. I know i'm not feeling the vision. I'm just trying to do my duty. I AM feeling the vision, though, of obama being sworn in as our new president. I love historic moments. I want to feel a part of things. Maybe I should shift my desire to being a part of this educational movement. I get to head to houston tomorrow to check out how some great school down there is doing it. Then I can return home and be a big advocate and leader for our school. We'll see how it goes. Here's to a hope in change!


Mike said...

Awwwww Houston.....make sure and duck when the humidity tries to smack you in the face.....but your familiar with the place aren't you ?

Hard to say this against my hometown of Dallas, but in my experiences, the people in the
Houston area are the nicest in all of the Lone Star State.

Safe travels

plainoldsarah said...

you make a very good point about the humidity! truthfully, i'm just happy to be escaping this hazy inversion we are experiencing in slc.