Thursday, November 20, 2008


Oh the pain of sitting in vegas' airport. The painfully repetitive noise of slot machines brings me to tears. Or maybe it's just my yawning. My seat mate from slc was a bit wired and chatty but fun - at least for the short time the flight lasted. He kept reminding me that for only $20 more I could have had a direct flight and skipped vegas. He's right. that's what happens when you make spontaneous travel decisions.


Mike said...

We've never stepped foot in Las Vegas...we want to go, just haven't found the right time.

Marie said...

But they're not just slot machines -- they're slot machines being operated by real-live zombies! Doesn't that make it more exciting?

Actually, I"m with you. Vegas is both dumb and frightening. I'd rather have a layover almost anywhere else.

Tracie said...

I'm with you on Vegas. Every time I'm there, it's like I'm on sensory overload or something.