Thursday, November 20, 2008


Funny about the title. For the last few days i've debated posting some negative thoughts on fhe and how it left me feeling threatened. Something about dancing and strangers makes me feel nervous. It didn't help that I made a scene in the lobby on sunday because some guy wouldn't let go of my hand. But I had decided it wasn't good to be negative and since it was days ago it didn't seem blog worthy. In fact on tuesday I wore my pink shirt with fancy designs that I bought after a breakup years ago to help me counter my sad feelings with happy love centered ones. I wanted to exude love and that shirt always reminds me to. Silly, I know.
But back to security. I am at the airport waiting to fly to see my sister and her brood - it's the weekend for their annual opera performance. When I go to the airport I like to bring snacks and a water bottle. I always drink the water while in the security line so I can refill in the water fountain. Tonight the line was so short I totally forgot to drink it. I got stopped. They wanted to confiscate my water. To keep the empty bottle I had to walk back out (escorted) and drink or dump the water and go back through security. I spilled a bit on myself (it was a short line - I had to hurry) and they said things like "that was fast" and "you again" but I have my water bottle and I can say I am secure!

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Marie said...

Dancing with strangers who I can at least identify as members of my ward doesn't bother me much. I know if they do anything weird I can appeal to the bishop. But there was at least one there who I know to be a prowling non-ward-member. And I got paired with him at one point. And evidently he hadn't showered in some time. I swear -- if you're going to be a shady lurker, at least try to smell decent.

I"m glad you didn't let security take your bottle, the fiends. I think if you're willing to take a swallow of whatever liquid you have with you, they should consider it safe to go through. I mean, no suicide bomber who is clever enough to actually pull off a plane explosion is going to poison him/herself before even getting on the plane in an effort to prove that their bomb ingredients are not bomb ingredients. I think if I"m willing to take a sip of my Aveda Phomollient, they should let me take in on the plane. If it tastes as good as it smells, that shouldn't be painful at all..... :)