Monday, November 10, 2008


sometimes i get all spastic and do crazy things like deciding to go on trips at the last minute instead of planning them far in advance. in fact, i can't remember the last time i actually planned a trip in advance. lately i just get an idea and do it. last week i decided it would be fun to take a road trip to sacramento the weekend BEFORE thanksgiving. that's the really crazy part. if i wanted a trip why didn't i wait until i naturally had some time off? because then it wouldn't be as fun and exciting! i really enjoy being on holiday knowing i have a sub. since i couldn't find a driving buddy (and i'm not allowed to drive long distances alone due to my sleep tendencies) i decided to see how much airplane tickets were. and guess what - they were cheap! so if anyone needs me next weekend (not the coming one - that would really be crazy) i'll be in sacramento. i'll be watching my nieces and nephew's latest opera. wish i could remember what it's called but it has to do with greeks or romans i think. i'll keep you posted.

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Pinky Lovejoy said...

I totally would've gone with you - I need to drive to SF anyway. Have fun!