Saturday, November 15, 2008


There was a time I had a boyfriend who lived in california. One way we "dated" was to make breakfast together. We both liked cooking and then we could chat while we ate and it gave us something to share. It was nice. He was a good man and I appreciate his efforts. He is now happily married and everything I know about his wife I love. She is more perfect for him than I could ever dream. When he and I stopped dating I missed having someone with whom to share life's random moments, so I started this blog. I had enough long distance friends that were also bloggers that I figured I could start sharing my random stories here and all my blogging friends would enjoy (or at least read) them.
Anyway, that was a lot more than i'd intended to share. Really all I wanted to say was that I made breakfast this morning with plewe! Now that she's married and living closer we try to go walking on saturday mornings. Today I suggested we walk to walmart. I know - i'm mostly anti-walmart but it's the closest grocery within walking distance and I like being able to walk to the grocery and the asian market (a touch closer) just lacks the variety. So at walmart we purchased some pears and camambert (sp?) cheese. We sliced them and put them on pancakes - oh so delicious! It was a great walk and breakfast! Hooray for friends and food!


ewesa said...

De-li-cious!! And those blue plates look so great on that table. Very pretty!

plainoldsarah said...

nice photographing!

Jules said...

I love the idea of making breakfast together. And the pancakes do look yummy!

Mike said...

Those look mighty fine indeed.

Seems we're always at the new super-de-duper Wal Mart that opened up this time last year.

I feel good about going there...big o' pecan tree out front...estimated to be 125 years old....a bike shop instead of an automotive's a verrrry green building.

I was there 3X this weekend alone.