Friday, November 21, 2008


Maybe you could already tell from the photo, but leggo makes some pretty unique pieces these days. My nephews are major leggo fans and they received a special order today - a set of croissants!
It was a special day in other ways too. I slept in. I had amazing homemade bread at every meal. Dinner's main course was a salad bar - I had seconds. In the afternoon my sister and I attended the sacramento temple where I learned a new word for socks: scuffies. In the morning, along with the home schooling club, I attended a little christmas carol play - pretty well done for such a small theater. And speaking of talent, this evening I attended the fourth annual opera performed by the suggs children (my nieces and nephews). It was my first chance to see one of their operas live. It was exceptional! moral of the story: pizza is king. And now...i'm going to bed and it says 9:30 - and it's a friday night! Holidays are great!

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