Wednesday, October 11, 2006


i've shared these notes with friends and family. they were well received. i'm thinking i now need to share them with the world, i.e. the friends i failed to send them to previously. =) anyway, they came from an enrichment meeting i attended last night. it just so happened that i'd had a super stressful visit at the hospital (father's still there with gut pain)right before attending. the lady who presented has apparently endured her share of stress in life (abusive husband, cancer 3 times, 10 kids, dead father and brother last week, etc.) and now she's a therapist - her patriarchal blessing says she'll learn about life and teach others. she's doing it. i learned lots. my stress evaporated afterward. read on......

Stress management and emotions:
Emotions can have huge impact on health of the body. Higher sugar food escalates blood sugar - normal american diet sends blood sugar rocket high - pancreas excretes insulin to bring it down. Need 2 insulin level meals to stabilize. Stress does same thing as junk food. High insulin is the problem because it stores fat. It takes time for body to heal. When we mix foods wrong our bodies can't handle it. Potatoes digest in small intestine, meat takes 6 to 9 hours to digest, potatoes have to hang out with meat and they putrefy and that spikes the insulin twice. So grains/starches (including starchy vegetables) and proteins don't mix. This mixing also causes acid reflux. Fruit should always be eaten alone - half hour later it's digested so you can eat other stuff.
when we go into high stress situations our bodies hold onto fat and calories. Life is like a roller coaster and the ups have to be enjoyed with the downs - life is designed for growth - don't fight the curriculum of life. Emotions are as addictive as drugs. we will all experience victim feelings and energy - you must ask god what is to be learned from it. The layers of lies we pick up need to be shed and real truth learned about our worth. Too often we allow those negative lies to be a magnet attracting people that will validate our victim type beliefs. As children of god we possess energy and power to change. We cannot judge people by their actions because we don't know what terrible things they've been through. When we sit and meditate we may discover things - joseph smith lay musing and suddenly discovered answers. When we are wounded we behave differently than we know we should. Negative emotions are part of mortal experience - use them to visualize the savior in gethsemane and remember you'd do anything for him and allow yourself to be drawn closer to him. Learn to focus spiritually instead of temporally. when you dwell on problems you're in temporal world when you focus on blessings you are in spiritual world. Regardless of what you suffer in this life you can experience god lifting your burdens and strengthening you so you can testify of god. Victim statements drive the holy spirit away and you will be lost. Learn from the spirit - don't pray negatively because holy spirit is driven away, he can only testify of truth. Express gratitude and the spirit will come and confirm your faith and provide answers. Read "the little princess" - she believed she was a princess and brought joy to the other kids despite her suffering and the mean things the old lady told her. We are princesses - daughters of god - the truth of who we were in the premortal is who we still are despite what satan and the world tells us. Christ will run to your aid no matter your pain - he suffered in order to succor us.


St. Jon said...

Ward, I see stress as a natural part of this plane through which we're "sojourning"... it's a necesasary evil that, depending upon our reception and interpretation thereof, is a HUGE blessing... are you KIDDING me???

I know it's not comfortable, but... was this particular plane of existence EVER meant to be comfortable...??

St. Jon said...

and yes... I did missplell "necessary" above... pssssfffttt...!!

plainoldsarah said...

missplelling is all part of our sojourn. =) and what IS comfortable anyway? watch me embrace stress!

actually, tomorrow and friday are like holidays - no school - uea instead! i get to sleep in!

Jules said...

Ah, how I miss UEA weekend...I like all your notes you share with the world. Thanks! Enjoy sleeping in!