Saturday, October 21, 2006

For jrm

I noticed on plewe's blog that a certain person was feeling frustrated with the lack of entertaining blogs. What kills me is that he's no big blogger - he just happens to be on an endless holiday and wants to be entertained. And truthfully, I can't blame him. I know that need for stories. So this is for him. It's a story about food - which is one of his favorite topics.

Tonight I went to a restauant open house. Saltimboca is the place. delicious is the appropriate adjective! We got there early so the food was slow and meager. We went somwhere else to get dinner and came back later to see friends. By then the place was less crowded and there was tons of good food! We had cheese circles and salad for orderves (sp?) and when we returned we had chicken and panini and chocolate pudding. The pudding was perfect! Dark and rich! Actually all the food was great. So was the company. My favorite part of the night (next to seeing so many good friends) was this huge lamp thing at the counter made out of a stack of dishes. Funky! I curse myself for not getting a photo.

Oh speaking of photos - I took one for the blog today! A remote controlled ambulance that was running around our stake's preparedness fair where I sent my morning helping direct traffic. Good times. It was startling for the children when it rolled up and greeted them.


ewesa said...

uh oh. I really want to see the lamp now (though the ambulance is great!)

plainoldsarah said...

i plan to go back. i'll work on getting a photo. sorry i failed you this time.

jrm said...

great ambulance,
and great descriptions of FOOD. i do love food.

(but i just gotta be honest, you spent WAY too long on the description of the pudding. i am holding it down for the sugar free in the 206!)

but now that you put up such a nice food oriented post, check out my blog for a return of the favor...

plainoldsarah said...

bummer about no sugar man. i forgot that was a thing for you.

i shall read your blog - thanks! glad you enjoyed your own personal post on my blog.