Sunday, October 8, 2006

sounds of success

i hear popping. i am being successful at canning grape juice concentrate! yep, this morning before church i picked a whole basket full of grapes. after church i boiled them down to mush and squeezed out as much juice as i had the patience for - 2 quarts. now it is evenly divided between pint sized jars being sealed by the power of heat pressure. i can be such a homemaker! i remember a few summers ago when i did this with apricots from the plewe family tree. what a chore that was - just the cleaning up of the stove. my floor right now really needs to be mopped, but the stove looks good. and i have 8 pints of grape juice - hooray! i intend to use some to make spooky halloween punch at my big party. i had some juice that didn't fit in the jars. i drank it. wow - it's good. hooray for grape vines. hooray for science. hooray for god's blessings of nature and knowledge. now i'm ready for bed.

p.s. my dad went to the hospital yesterday with a sharp pain in his abdomen. he had surgery at midnight last night because the ct scans showed air in his abdomen and they feared a punctured colon. he had no puncture. now the pain in his abdomen has a mysterious cause and an obvious cause. two weeks ago they took out his spleen so now he has two wounds to heal. sometimes my dad is like the star patient on "house" - mysterious symptoms and impossible to cure. he gets closer to death with every attempt to fix him. the good news is he's walking around (relatively) and is healing fine from the spleen surgery so he should heal fine from the air in the gut surgery too.


Anonymous said...

...just passing thru via Cindy's blog...chuckled at "Dawn Mist" toothpaste, if you really want/need to waste a few moments....visit slogan is of course..."Caring Products For Care Givers" ( how caring :/ )

...but I certainly agree it looks like a SNL spoof commercial.

ewesa said...

sorry to hear he's in the hospital and having surgeries. hang in there.
who knew dawn mist would have a website? I just figured the hospital had found an old case from the 70's and was trying to use the last of it, hah.

Jules said...

Walking around is a good sign! Hope he continues to heal...and kudos on the grape juice. Yuo're so much braver than I am!

plainoldsarah said...

we're getting used to the visits at the hospital - and it's reassuring to have so many opportunities to support each other and rely on god.

i really am proud of the grape juice. i wish i had tons more so i could drink it freely - it feel so valuable!

KCSimmons said...

I'm so proud!! My mom has grapes GALORE, but I don't have your ambition to even try. John thought about it and even picked a box of them… but no such luck… too much work for too little. They had some on sale at Smith’s… 10 for $10… not as good I know, but food storage will thank me. :o)

I’m sorry too that your dad’s back in the hospital.