Friday, November 6, 2009

for the women in my life

sorry, this isn't going to be any sappy sort of post. it's just that guys won't be able to appreciate it. i don't know about you all, but when i get ready in the morning i don't have a perfectly smooth routine. sometimes i curl my hair sometimes i don't. sometimes i eat breakfast before getting dressed, sometimes i eat it before putting on the makeup but after curling the hair. it always varies. well this morning, when i went to put on my makeup the first thing i put on was my lipstick. oh, you should probably know i'm the sort that wears foundation - which goes on FIRST. oh well. so i was a bit tired and not thinking clearly.

let's see, other news. last night bret and i packed up his stuff and brought about six boxes to my house. he's moving in! yes i know that's normal when you get married, but it's still a little weird. i have a hard enough time finding places to put all MY stuff, now i have to figure out where to put his!

in other news doctor said i need more vitamin d. seems odd to me. i'm a healthy person. i don't need no stinkin' vitamins. but i guesss i do. i guess i spend too much time inside. the good friend plewe did some research for me. basically i need to see more sun light. or take vitamins. i'll be picking up my prescription next week. hope i don't die before then. i'm hoping it helps with the tiredness and achey back.

ps - i'm getting married in less than three weeks! hooray! i just managed to get a sub to cover my last two days of work - double hooray!

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KC said...

It is weird moving in with a boy... just wait till you get MORE stuff together. :o) You're going to need a bigger house. :o)