Sunday, November 8, 2009

more big news!

so... you know how i'm getting married and quitting my job? well some of you may also know the headache pain and suffering i've endured the last few years trying to become a "highly qualified english teacher" (thank you legislators for all the hard work you do that i know has good intentions but really just seems to complicate life for many of us!) - well, anyway, i did it! i got my letter this week from the state office of education that says i have an english endorsement!!!! i can now teach english legally and my school district will no longer be harassed and will no longer pass on that harassment to my principal who will no longer need to bug me each year to do something about that. it's finally done! (i figure it doesn't hurt to have for the future - never know when/if i get to return to teaching - maybe by then i can become a certified math teacher or some other exciting and hoop jumping position.)

in case some of you are trying to remember what suffering i'm talking about remember that shakespeare class? then remember the appeal to weber to give me a degree? oh, and remember the racket that praxis is running in this nation? yeah, those are the horrible hoops i had to pay for and deal with. this letter from the state office is gold i tell you - gold!


Tracie said...

Glad you finally got it! You never know - it could turn out to be useful one day. And after all the pain and agony, at least you get the sense of accomplishment. :)

Jules said...

Wow! Congrats! I had no idea you were having such a hard time with that.

I did not know you were quitting your job. Is this a "yay, I'm quitting?"

plainoldsarah said...

yes julie - this is a "yay i'm quitting" but also a "i can't believe i'm quitting." lots of mixed emotions but it's totally feeling right to quit. i feel strongly that bret and i need to start our marriage off being focused on each other and our new "family" - the stake president said a family is the couple - anyway, having 100+ other people in my life to care about would make it hard for me to give my new marriage my all. i'm sure i'll miss it, though!

Hyo said...

Congrats!...those students better watch out :)