Friday, October 30, 2009


last night i dragged bret to target to register. when it was all said and done i think i had a worse time than he did. target seemed to have very few choices. i felt like we registered for things because we "had" to. not very fun. and since we were pressed for time a lot of the decisions didn't take a lot of thought or analysis. i hate "buying" things without more thought. bret hated "buying" things if he didn't feel like we needed them. of course, he's been content to live in a bachelor's pad with hand me downs for years. i guess in some ways i have too. it's hard to shift into responsible adult mode with nice things. it was really easy talking ourselves out of registering for things with the justification that it wasn't needed. after some arm twisting he finally registered for a tennis racket. i own one and if he doesn't have on then i felt like there would never be the chance that we might play. he argued that for how often we tried to play he could just borrow one from his parents - but i figured that took away the spontaneity. in the end i wonder if i really should have pushed. maybe in a few years when we look at the dusty unopened tennis rackets we can laugh at my insistence. anyway, i'm hoping to have more luck and bed bath and beyond - maybe we'll get there tonight after we do dinner with the parents.

can i tell you all how annoying this tight knot in my upper back is? you know, the kind stuck behind the shoulder blade. it won't go away! i think i'll have to visit a massage therapist sooner than later.


Tricia said...

Okay- I have a kink behind my shoulder blade that's driving me nuts this week, too. Weird. Funny how something like that affects EVERYTHING, eh?

The tennis racket thing is cute. I think it was a good idea. No matter what, it will always represent what you envisioned "in the beginning," and that's always good to come back to.

Betty Grace said...

We registered at Perfect. They have everything. We had fun registering for a ton of movies (among other things). We felt we were able to find a good price range of things for people to choose from. Plus, ships right to your house.

Christian and Karen Robinson said...

First off - Congrats on the marriage!!
Second - when Christian and I went to Target to register - I let him hold the gun. Big mistake. He registered for Snickers, Dumb and Dumber and Sprite along with all the other stuff. What did we receive in truckloads? Snickers Bars! A little bit of Sprite and 1 copy of Dumb and Dumber.

Did you think about registering for some games or movies? Those are an easy gift and you can't ever have too many of those! Congrats again!

plainoldsarah said...

bets - thanks for the good suggestion! i'll have to look into that.

tricia - how's the back? mine is much better but i have to be careful to not use that arm to talk on the phone.