Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Long week

It's only wednesday of a rather long week. Sigh. But at least i'm attending yoga tonight and then going to the temple with plewe. That actually seems like a great way to spend my evening. The last two evenings i've had parent teacher conferences. I know i'm finally a veteran because I felt zero amount of nervousness. Mostly I was sad I got so little planned during the down time. The first night we had a fire alarm so we got to spend a good five minutes standing around in the cold - it was nice to have the "break." my other stress of the week is halloween. I made the official announcement that i'm throwing a party. That means I have to get serious about nailing down a costume. If you didn't get invited my apologies - drop me a line and i'll see what I can do about that. In the mean time happy halloween! I think I need to watch nightmare before christmas to get in the mood.

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