Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've been marked!

My neighbor kid likes to come over and play. Play consists of having me read to him or help him write words or just do yard work with him. He's 5. This morning I noticed he's left his mark on my house - not to mention the four toys still sitting on my porch. Sigh.


KC said...

When Gracen and I came over to pick up your plates... he asked if Gracen could stay and play. Poor kids needs some friends. You're a good neighbor.

Mike said...

Your little friend is offering up "protection" (if you will) by placing the action figure on your house.....it's a good thing.

You do feel safer right ??...I thought so.

plainoldsarah said...

mike i love it! what a great idea. the next week i caught him putting a whole series of spider man stickers under my window and a final one on the front door. when i went outside to tell him no thanks he ran away and hid. funny kid. i'm out of town a lot now and i have to admit i kind of miss him.