Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Airport shot

It doesn't show well, but in the background is the watch tower for nantucket airport. It's a small place. There were a few cessnas and then our little jet that had 10 people on it. The airport worker collected us at the bottom of the stairs of the plane and then walked us to the building. I wish i'd taken a photo of their baggage collection area. Basically it was a wall of windows - i'm guessing they take your luggage and pass it throught the window thing to let it rest on a metal shelf - much like the moving metal collection areas at real airports, but this one didn't move. anyway, the whole place was cute. Since I walked to my brother's from the airport I thought I should get a photo of the place - I remembered right as I left the parking lot. It wasn't a terribly long walk - maybe an hour is all. Too bad it began to rain about half way through. It's nt sunny here - the whole place is grayish.

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