Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Here is where I sleep. Smallis room. The whole apartment is just over half the size of my house - but it's perfect. I really like the set up - great place! You'll notice the contents of my wallet on my bed. Remember how I got rained on for half my walk home? The wallet was soaked throug.
today I went to school with my brother and gave a lecture to his students about the importance of setting a purpose - for reading, learning, and for life. It was pretty good if I do say so. After the lecture while they worked on a review guide one kid asked me for help writing essays. That was fun and made me feel smart. I also spent some time visiting with the journalism teacher there. It's an award winning paper and since i'm feeling nervous about my responsibilities next year to teach journalism I really wanted some good tips and/or suggestions s which she gave me! I'm excited to try some of her ideas and methods! All in all today felt pretty productive. Now to read my book, "our mutual friend."

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Jules said...

I did not know you are teaching journalism next year!!!! LUCKY DUCK. I'm making a CD of my old files for a friend here--want me to make one for you, too?