Wednesday, October 22, 2008

this and that

despite my love of mobile blogging it seems when i think of something to blog about i forget to ever get around to blogging it and then i can't remember so i figure it wasn't worth sharing anyway, but isn't that the whole point of blogging - just sharing stuff to share? i know it's one of the main reasons i have a blog.
so.... let's see if i can think of any thoughts i've had lately. last night was ward temple. i sure enjoyed myself as it was the session for asl patrons. i'm wishing i knew asl - i'd love to be able to share that talent - but first it would take work to learn and that i can't say i'd necessarily love to do. but back to the temple session - having asl helped me stay more focused and attentive, i liked that. i also liked that the session was so full! it's a great feeling knowing that so many people are all gathered together to do service and worship in unison. i ran into a couple old friends and that was a bonus.
being back from holiday hasn't been easy. i've been busy working like a dog - and when i'm not working i'm just as busy it seems. luckily the temple is a relaxing "not busy" sort of busy. but tonight, since i'll be home before dark, i hope to get more chestnuts gathered out of my front yard and sidewalk - what a pain they are. it took me about 2 hours of work last week and now i have to do it again. i also want to walk to the library tonight and stop by a little wig store on the way home - i still need to finalize some halloween costume plans. sigourney weaver from ghostbusters, or sarah palin? hair for both is a bit overwhelming to me, but the outfit is all set for sarah palin. in the end i'll probably just go as her - i have to wear my republican buttons!
the teacher next door to me has shown movies for the last week or two. i enjoy the sound track for some, but i'm starting to get annoyed. the walls at my school were designed to be mobile so they're just thick cardboard, really. they let sound through like no other. it's hard to read or discuss anything with movie noises blaring through. plus it makes my kids jealous that i'm not showing a movie. or maybe it just makes me jealous that i'm not watching a movie.
i subscribe to byu's job listing by email. not sure why. but yesterday i saw advertised a position that i used to dream of having - a resident hall supervisor. i sort of already had the job, but it was different. this one would have me living in the hall, with the students, free room and board. how fun would that be? really, in a way, it's my dream job. i'm still a bit tempted. but provo is far away and that life even further. this is where i am now. i will work on loving and embracing it and calling it my dream. i think it is. at least close enough.
and now i think i'm done.


Mike said...

I'm the king of composing a blog entry and then hitting "delete". Actually, I should probably hit delete more often.

Re the movies your next door teacher is showing.....Ummm, not to be a stickler, but that has copyright infringement written ALL OVER IT. I'm tellin' ya...there will come a day when the Disney's, MGM, Warner Brothers of the world, will come down on a district somewhere, sometime and make an example of them.

(that Mike can be a turd sometimes)

plainoldsarah said...

very true! i forget about that sometimes, especially since teachers are so good at looking the other way or interpreting in some way they feel justifies it. i just avoid it all together and then i don't have to worry. like i tell my kids - i teach reading and writing, not movie watching. although "viewing" is the new reading.