Monday, October 27, 2008


This week I couldn't help but notice all the stunning sights around me. The canyons are covered in a lush red and gold. Over the weekend I was lucky enough to drive up big cottonwood for a relief society retreat - heaven I say. Today on my evening walk through the neighborhood I thrilled to walk by unraked homes and feel the lightness of leaves crunching under my feet. I passed by a man and boy in the street tossing a football between them while being sprinkled by a constant breeze of leaves. It was a movie moment. Memories of my first year at byu, discovering, it seemed, fall for the first time. I knew I was in heaven - until it was time to go to class.
In other sightings, I was shocked to spot, or as I felt, to be spotted by, this red dinosaur seemingly peeking through the asphalt of my parking lot at school. I had to take a photo as proof.
Hooray for fall!

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Mike said...

Fall is a grand time indeed. As I burn some PTO time on Halloween, I'll have a rake and ba-zillion leaves with my name on them.

Can't wait actually.