Monday, October 6, 2008

Best fun ever

Now don't be jealous, but for tonigt and tomorrow I get to sit in the school cafeteria for four hours and wait for parents to come visit me to talk about their little darlings. Needless to say I already have a headache.


Pinky Lovejoy said...

I'm totally, OK, not really. Hope you survived alright! :)

Jules said...

Pain. Suffering. Mine are next Wed. and Thurs. What I dislike the most is that the only parents who come are parents of kids who are getting As and Bs. Defeats the purpose, in my opinion.

plainoldsarah said...

so very true! i only have an hour left. luckily our school let's us do the second night in our classrooms so we can "work." look at me work! i still need to grade about 10 papers and make a lesson plan for a sub - hooray for uea weekend coming up! i actually have had a few good visits tonight, though.