Thursday, October 2, 2008

perfect fall

tracie inspire me to post. last night was a perfect fall evening, okay, it felt more like a summer evening because of the heat, but it wasn't. i went hiking with some friends to "the living room." we started early - at 5:30 so we could be back by dark. we saw lots of beautiful colors, but sadly i took no photos. when i got home i enjoyed a great bowl of beans. yum! home-made i'd like to add. then i watched an episode of "bones" with the roommate and then finished my evening off with a chapter from "pol pot" (thanks betsy!) - the book i wonder if i'll ever finish. i went to bed around 9:30 - felt like heaven!


Pinky Lovejoy said...

What kind of beans? What's the book about?

plainoldsarah said...

pinto beans! the recipe is from the pioneer woman site - "good food" link on the side.
the book is about pol pot - the despot from cambodia.