Wednesday, May 7, 2008

vocab word for the day

contrite \KON-tryt; kuhn-TRYT\, adjective:
1. Deeply affected with grief and regret for having done wrong; penitent; as, "a contrite sinner."2. Expressing or arising from contrition; as, "contrite words."
Contrite sinners forgiven, yes.-- Richard de Mille, My Secret Mother
Within days, a contrite Clarence Arthur was sending her roses and violets, even a bad poem.-- Paul Mariani, The Broken Tower
Often he'd look contrite and even apologize.-- Rafer Johnson with Philip Goldberg, The Best That I Can Be
Contrite derives from Latin conterere, "to rub away, to grind," hence "to obliterate, to abase," from con- + terere, "to rub, to rub away."

so i'm thinking this word has gospel applications - right? if we are to have a contrite heart and the root is "rub away" - it's like a total lack of any self pride.

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