Tuesday, May 27, 2008


i'm having a hard time wanting to blog these days. i'm not sure why. it's not like my life is any LESS interesting than before. it's just life like usual. i hope i'm still noticing as much as i normally do. blogging is often my way of sharing all the things i notice about the world around me. i think i still notice - why don't i share? over the weekend i read a long article in the ny times by a woman who was a little too public, even for her taste, yet was compelled to be. it reminded me of the lessons i've taught lately in class. i keep asking the students, "why write?" only i usually ask, "why did this author write?" in almost all cases the authors felt compelled to write. it was a hunger or need they couldn't avoid. i can't say i've ever felt that way, but i also don't exactly consider myself a writer in the truest sense. the woman's article left me feeling the pain of too much self disclosure. that is one thing i feel i tend to be guilty of so i really try to watch myself. more importantly i try to be sure i dont' disclose too much of those around me. their privacy is even more important, but when it's intertwined with my own and i choose to share about myself i wonder at what point i've violated their rights. who knows. now this is useless rambling. let's just say i wish i had more to say. for now this will have to suffice.


Mike said...

"I'm having a hard time wanting to blog these days........why don't i share?

Can I steal that ??..it's exactly how I feel.

plainoldsarah said...

of course! that's the beauty of blogs - a big happy family of sharing.