Wednesday, May 28, 2008

it's all coming back to me now

that song is playing. i love it. i had to share. something about the era in which i first became familiar with it. "when you touch me like this...." well, those words are just terribly provocative and make me a bit embarrassed. basically what comes back to me are memories of youth dances - efy in particular. yes, there was that first real mormon boy crush i had. his friend liked my sister so he danced with me. he had that charm and style that makes a girl melt. he made me feel amazing - like a duckling turned swan. somehow he managed to make me believe for the length of a song that i was the most amazing and desirable girl on the dance floor. he smelled like dentyn. happy memories. jesse was his name. he was a bit short - but boy could he dance. yep, it's all coming back to me now. where or where has jesse gone? i can't help but wonder.

okay - back to life now. really.


Jonathan said...

You knew Jesse too?? OMG, he made me feel amazing, like a duckling turned into a swan, too...!

seriously... God bless those youth dances forever

I heard "Been in Love Before" by the Outfield (right?) the other day on the radio and it took me way back

I think I was probably wearing a clip-on tie back then because my dad was too busy with his secretary to teach me to tie a tie on properly


hail somewhat awkward, but still funny memories

hey, I'll be in SLC in August for sure... maybe sooner, but not likely

would love to see the Shaved Bellies all together eating chicken or at least potato salad

Up the Irons!

Jules said...

When Chicago released a double CD of their greatest hits four or five years ago, I bought it, solely for the stake dance memories. There is something about listening to a song that I associate with stake dances that brings me joy.

plainoldsarah said...

jon - it took me a second to figure out who you were! glad to hear you'll be in town. let's play! isn't your bday in august? just like me, plewe, and ed!

plainoldsarah said...

julie - i wonder what it is - maybe joy comes because we know those awkward moments are far far away never to be repeated. or something. sometimes i do repeat them, though. at least the painful parts. where are the jesses now?