Saturday, December 15, 2007


Today was a day where I let anger get the best of me. I was doing shakespeare homework. Some of you may think I was over reacting - but you'd have to see it and try it before you do any finger pointing. It is truly an evil class I am taking. The thing I want to share, though, is how I managed to complete the assignment anyway. After crying and complaining I finally got on my knees and cried to god. I admitted my weakness and begged for help. I didn't do a great job but I managed to get it done. The best part is that I managed to let go of the over riding ugly anger that I was most ashamed of. I think i'll tackle the next assignment next saturday. I must. Freedom is the only gaurantee of peace.


Jules said...

I hate it when something as insignificant as homework can throw me into a total tailspin. Excellent reminder to me of how to handle it! Hope it goes easier next week.

plainoldsarah said...

me too! i have the movie on reserve at the library. maybe just to treat myself i'll make myself do it on friday night so that i can "play" on saturday - or at least be stress free.

my mom was just happy to hear that she wasn't the only one feeling grumpy on saturday.

ewesa said...

up with freedom and peace!