Monday, April 13, 2009


i can't believe i've been such a poor blogger this spring. it's true i don't have a lot of free time, but you'd think i'd have time to tell a story or two! while i was away on my holiday i went to the lego store with my nephews. we were standing in line for about an hour (it was a free mini-kit night and the families were out) so to kill time i browsed through the photos on my cell phone. there were a few i had meant to turn into blogs! i don't think i ever did. such old news, though.
anyway, the trip to california was fabulous! the drive wasn't too bad either. in fact, i like long road trips - lots of good solid conversation. while in california i started crocheting an afghan. i'm not sure why. i was in the middle of tatting and my nieces commented that they remembered i'd been working on it for a few years. it's supposed to be a piano runner, but at this rate it will be a coffin runner. my one niece had a book of afghans and they were so pretty that i decided to put off the coffin runner and start an afghan. silly me. anyway, i'm making good progress! it uses a q sized hook which helps make it go faster. it is made up of 95 hexagons. if i do four a week then i'll be done in about 6 months. that's my goal! i can do about one hexagon a half hour so i figure with a good strong push each weekend i can keep my goal.

in other news, this weekend i finished reading the hiding place. it was on the religiously heavy side, but i didn't mind. in fact, i probably needed it. i thought it was an appropriate message for my easter weekend. in fact, this morning i caught myself having a selfish thought and the message from the book popped in my head about true charity. only god is capable of doing good - we are his hands - but it is he that changes hearts. we should never judge ourselves to be better than others, or someone else to be unworthy of our love. the women in the book loved everyone and strived to share the light of god's love even with the darkest people in their lives - their concentration camp guards.

there are 8 weeks left of school - 38 days not counting today - which means only 19 a days and 19 b days. holy cow! my feeling of amazement and excitement is mirrored in my niece's expression when she came down the stairs easter morning to see all the surprises left by the easter bunny.

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Jules said...

What a fabulous photo!

You'll have to teach me how to crochet--I've always wanted to learn!