Friday, April 17, 2009

stinkin' involuntary transfers!

i guess you could say it's a stinkin' week for me. yesterday we found out which teachers in our school have to be involuntarily transferred. one of the ones we lost is the photography/broadcasting teacher. he was a great resourse for all kinds of technical things. another one we lost is an english teacher. he was the only english teacher in our department who knew how to do anything with technology. he's the one that persuaded us all to start using word 2007. he's the one who helped teachers learn how to use it. he helped them set up their digital projectors. he created all sorts of professional documents our department - heck, our school - needed. without him we will fall back into the 20th century!

i'm determined to step up to the plate! i've taken on yearbook at my school and with it has come another slew of technical chellenges, far surpassing using word. i have to brag a bit, i learned word 2007 pretty decently on my own. i only had a couple questions for the co-worker. anyway, without him to lean on i see there's a much larger burden now on all of our shoulders. since i'm the next youngest in the department it's not only expected of me, i realize i have no one to turn to myself!

my new goal and determination are being inspired by a really cool scholarship opportunity offered by microsoft. if i win i get to attend some conference for computer stuff! if i go i might even learn the right words for all that computer stuff! how exciting is that?

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jen said...

it's interesting to see how public schools are coping with the fall in the economy, ours can't hire new teachers although we're losing everyone in our department next year!

kudos to you for learning all that new stuff!