Sunday, February 8, 2009

who am i?

it's been a while since i took a personality test. courtesy of julie i took one today! thanks jules - it was a good one and i believe my type fits. yellow IS my color, after all.


Jules said...

I totally think of you when I see yellow clothing--you wear it so well! I can see those traits in you, too. One downfall of these kinds of tests is that I don't think they are at all comprehensive about our personalities. There's much more to you than these four bullet points! :-)

Marie said...

This description does sound like you (though I have no idea if you dream of meting out justice -- I'd better be on my best behavior around you, just in case).

plainoldsarah said...

marie - it just so happens when i was in college i really wanted to be a judge. i researched law school for about a semester and decided the dream of being a judge wasn't worth the price of being a lawyer. i forgot about that - thanks for reminding me!