Thursday, February 12, 2009


i've been a bit under the weather this last week. it makes me grateful for the ability to breathe freely. i'm also very grateful for tissues. and speaking of gratitude, i'm very grateful for prayer. i took tuesday off work to "rest up." i did rest. i also finished pol pot - hooray! but then i went to work on wednesday. that was hard. i came home from work utterly exhausted. i had worked late (yearbook deadline) and then ran to a meeting (where i made random comments) and then raced home (had to use the bathroom) and by that point i was in tears. i was overwhelmed and tired and feeling totally inadequate and lacking the desire to even try to be adequate. i did all i knew to do. i kneeled down and prayed for help. i prayed for relief and comfort. while praying i was amazed at the list of things i had to be grateful for. by the end i felt tons better. i went off to a friends house who had made me chicken noodle soup. while visiting she managed to solve a couple of my nagging problems. i went home and to bed that night with another long list of things to thank god for. hooray for prayer that somehow manages to make you feel better. even if you're still going through a box of tissues a day. at least i can face my students!

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