Thursday, February 7, 2008

oh the agony!

this isn't exactly an appropriate post to follow the one i did yesterday about war. but it must be shared. while i was teaching my last period today i noticed the kids seemed a little whispery and giggly about something secretive. i got the impression it had to do with me - like i had something on my shirt or in my hair. well, i just now discovered (an hour after they're gone) that my zipper was down. ugh. sometimes my life is really really a tragedy.


Monica Sue said...

What a crack up! Actually what is more funny is that as soon as Lisa got off the phone and told me of your tragedy, I said to her, "I bet Sarah will blog out this."

Sure enough, great description. I am sure there could be worse tragedies out there for you.

good luck tomorrow!

plainoldsarah said...

you are psychic! that is cool - glad you checked. it was good to talk to lisa - miss you guys!