Wednesday, February 27, 2008

blogging life

do you ever find yourself neglecting your blog? i wonder if i neglect it because i'm so busy living or if it's because i'm so NOT busy there's nothing to say. i wonder if i'm feeling private or insecure or so confident that i don't need outer validation that i'm alive. either way, this morning i started to feel guilty. so... to put off death of the blog one more day, here is my exciting news for the day... my high school is competing for state in boys basketball. tomorrow we play some school at weber state. since many students will want to attend and since the community around here assumes that checking kids out of school is totally appropriate to support a school's game, our administration (and possible community council) decided to end school at 9:45 tomorrow morning. each period is only 1/2 an hour. crazy. how will i shorten my 90 minute lesson to 30? i have yet to decide. either way i'm a bit happy about it.

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