Monday, March 5, 2007


okay, i'm not being much of a blogger these days. can't think of much to say. i did enjoy some yummy sushi on friday - raw steak - sooooo good! then saturday i skied my heart out - even broke a piece off my ski - got to take it to the shop. my sister sent some great photos of my niece this week. and the brother sent a good photo of pops. but i didn't bother to save the photos to post. i'm a lazy bum. so instead i'll share a link to a site i visit every day ever since my new buddy blair introduced me to it. it's like a song a day! only some of the songs are a bit painful.
but i don't complain. i like odd stuff. i just like being entertained i guess.

now to prepare my lesson for the day - sonnets! last week we studied dante's inferno. the kids wrote their own inferno pieces - i look forward to reading them!

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