Thursday, March 22, 2007

is it just me?

okay, i'm going to tell a story about a guy who asked me out. i can do this because no guy i ever date ever reads my blog - it's just all of you and some random people that accidentally stumble on me. i only say this because the story is not the most flattering. but maybe one of the guys that reads this will think twice before he asks out a girl.

it all started three weeks ago. sunday night my sunday school teacher (a boring one i have to say) called and chatted for a bit before asking if he could take me out sometime after he returns from argentina. i said sure. i figured it was worth the date - you never know - he was friendly enough. well he got back some time last week. he called me on sunday and did the small talk again, you knowm, asked about my week. in sunday school i'd made a comment about what a challenging week it had been so he asked for some details. then he asked me how this week looked. i told him it should be better. then he said, "okay, well i guess i'll call you some time next week to see if we can find a time to go out." i responded with, "well i'm free this weekend." he seemed pleased and said he'd call me on wednesday to set a date after he'd looked around to see what was going on. so last night he called. i told him saturday was already out (yes, believe it or not some other random guy who is not my type is taking me to dinner on saturday). he was cool with it. apparently there was nothing going on that he could find on either night so he said we could just go to dinner. i told him about a free concert on friday night that sounded interesting. he said, "okay, then we could just go to subway and get a quick meal and catch the concert. or if you want we could just go to sizzler." now i don't know about other people, but to me, sizzler is not the sort of place i want a date to take me for a nice meal. in my mind it's like chuck-a-rama without the "all you can eat" part. i laughed hard on the inside and we agreed we'd make the decision on friday when he picked me up. this morning i decided sizzler wouldn't be so bad. i really like steak and am not too picky about quality or ambiance. at least i'll have a good laugh on the inside.

am i too picky? you don't have to answer. mostly i wanted to give you a chance to laugh on the inside too.


KCSimmons said...

One of my WORST date experiences was with a neighbor I grew up with... the parents set us up (we like each other when I were 4 and 5, so why not at 24). He was pilot and offered to take me on a plane ride. Didn't sound too bad... but we went to Golden Corral… which is the Utah County version of a Sizzler. It was so painful and just kind of odd… he too thought it was a nice place to go for a dinner. It ended up raining too hard for a plane ride… so we went to his parents house to watch a movie. I hope the concert doesn’t get rained out… at least you have somewhere YOU want to go for the date. :o)

Jules said...

hope you don't mind that I laughed on the outside. I don't think you're being too picky. Sizzler is a great place to eat once you've been dating for a couple of weeks--I'd almost opt for Subway. It's hard to explain, but either way casual or a little upscale is good first-date territory. The family trough-type places need to wait until date 5 or 6.

Hmmm...could this be why I'm still single? Kudos on a weekend of dates, though!!! I live through you. :-)

plainoldsarah said...

thanks for the validation my friends! i'm not sure how much i want to see this concert or how much time i want to spend with this guy. i wish it were easier.