Monday, February 5, 2007

when music offends

so in my reading classes my students are reading about some of the cases where music has been deemed offensive and it's resulted in a band. all of my students agree that some music little children shouldn't listen to, but that as mature 16 year olds they can decide what is appropriate or not. they are also very capable of pointing out the risks of listening to offensive music. strange that they still choose to listen to it. ANYWAY, that's not my point. what i wanted to comment on was a funny discovery. i noticed that my blog had been read by someone in maryland. i looked to see where they came from. the site from which they came was 2pac. as in the rapper guy. it's a whole blog about tupac. call me insensitive and narrow minded and bigoted, but the site made me laugh. that guy sure seemed to take himself way too seriously. at least that's what my impression is. like i said, i'm probably too narrow minded, but such is the extent of my experience.

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jrm said...

your not narrow-minded, i think it is probably more of the latter: the extent of your experience. and i don't mean to be provocative, but there is more to tupac than what it seems on the surface. if you watch rated r films, check out tupac resurrection. what is amazing about the film is that it is made up of narration by tupac, and that is the principal story of the film. he tells his own story - and its amazing how intelligent he is, how insightful, and articulate. he isn't just your everyday rapper - the guy read shakespeare - and he had a message; albeit, not one we often want to sit and listen to. i think with a few more years of growth in the area of wisdom and experience, he could have changed things for the better. i definitely have grown to better appreciate what he was about, and after watching that film, i've become even more regretful at his death at such a young age (26).

so check it out; he, more than anyone, is the voice of this generation.

what was the blog site?