Wednesday, February 7, 2007


i'm having my students give sermons (or lectures) in class today. it could be about any problem - their own or someone else's or the world's. the best looking kid, highest gpa, and on the football team - one sharp well respected boy - got choked up on his first sentence and couldn't deliver his. luckily a classmate volunteered to do it for him. i nearly cried. he wrote about the problem of families and divorce. his parents got a divorce recently. he's stuck in the middle. all of his siblings have gotten injured and sick since this began. he's had to scrounge for change to buy school lunch lately. how horribly sad that people can't get along better. oh, how sad.


Jules said...

It's always hard to give kids free reign on projects like that...and humbling for me. It's good for me to be reminded every now and then that some of those kids in my classroom have problems that outweigh understanding symbolism in Lord of the Flies or whatever I'm trying to teach them.

plainoldsarah said...

ugh so true. i want/hope they'll make some personal insights and applications from the literature, but sometimes life is just so stinking real. only one other kid choked - she was talking about how she thinks the war is wrong, but her dad really wants to serve in irag - something about honor and serving the country and stuff. she just can't comprehend that since it means death and sadness to her.