Saturday, January 6, 2007


We all have them and generally throw them around to others. At least I do. So do my siblings. Well, some anyway. My brother Stephen has had more than my brother Ron has had warts - we're talking near 50. Anyway, I think I just got a new one tonight. I was talking to Mitch (short for Michener which is a variation of his real name, Marshall) and when he said goodbye he called me "Harry" - or "Hairy" - he was not specific - but I think it was the first. For many years he's called me "Sarah O'Hara" after that great TV show that starred Mr. Miagi from "Karate Kid" - what's his name? Pat something. Anyway, I think it's now morphed to just plain "Harry."


Jules said...

Resident Pop Culture expert checking in to tell you...Pat Morita was his name.

I love nicknames. I know I am truly among friends when I hear one of my nicknames tossed about.

plainoldsarah said...

i agree - i think that's why i like to give them.

thanks for being a pop culture expert, by the way. i love knowing i have you for a resource like that!