Monday, January 15, 2007


Yep I had a holiday today. I would have liked to ski but i'm suffering from a cold, besides we're having subarctic temperatures lately. Instead a took a road trip to logan with my parents. My little sister lives in wellsville, a couple miles outside logan. They have 9 wards in wellsville - even have their own tabernacle. But they have no library. The post office may be the only "business" in town. Anyway, logan is just a few miles away so we went there for lunch. We dined at the coppermill. This is a photo of alicia standing in front of a sign by the entrance to the coppermill. I took the photo because one of my brother's nicknames is "rj hunt" - like on the sign. Pretty cool we thought.


Sarah said...

it's still a little strange to see alicia carrying a baby-holder chair. I bet there's a baby in there, and she just doesn't seem old enough to have a baby! she is your younger sister who is still in high school! (I wish my mind would catch up to life sometimes.)

plainoldsarah said...

don't worry - she's still a child to me. i guess children have babies. that baby is named logan. funny that they now live so close to logan. my grandmother grew up in that area.