Friday, January 26, 2007


there's nothing worse than spending lunch with a bunch of old married women and one single guy who just got engaged. he likes to ask everyone for advice on proposing, ring buying, and now it's honeymoon planning. makes me sick. and for a bit i had a crush on him. well that's gone. now i'm just plain jealous and feeling oldmaidish. especially when no one likes my honeymoon suggestions. today they said i'm too bohemian. not sure what that means. i was all for going on a cruise. how is that bohemian? he's the dork who doesn't want to spend more than 8 or 9 hundred dollars. cheapwad.


ewesa said...

a rant! :) cruises are about the most anti-bohemian thing around, what are they talking about??!

Jules said...

I like how they use "bohemian" in such a perjorative context. Like being bohemian somehow explains your single-ness. Honestly, some people's kids. I'm sorry it was such an unpleasant lunch. But are in GOOD company in the single/bohemian crowd!!!

plainoldsarah said...

thank you fellow bohemians! i think they got that idea, though, when i mentioned going to durango or southern utah and hiking or camping. i only offered those suggestions because he wanted warm and cheap. i think I deserve the honeymoon!

St. Jon said...


You're like Elaine on Seinfeld when George got engaged!

Is "Bohemian-ism" going to get a bad rap like the word "liberal"?

take it as a compliment!

Better a Bohemian than being a tightwad or being too stuffy

plainoldsarah said...

i would take it as a compliment if i weren't so jealous of the honeymoon notion. sigh.

just call me elaine.

jrm said...

and i was called whiney? all i said is that it was snowing in seattle!