Wednesday, May 18, 2011


there has been plenty of exciting stories from my life lately, but for some reason blogging about them has been more of a chore than a pleasure so i haven't made much of an effort.  today, though, it's rainy and i don't feel like filing (which is what i should be doing) so i'll share some recent good news.

last weekend my mother gave us her old reclining couches.  if there is anything in this world my husband loves it's a recliner.  this is the next best thing.  we managed to find space in our basement and are rather pleased with the new set up.  it did require, though, hauling out our old one.  i did that by myself one morning.  i was surprised by how light it was, especially once all the cushions were removed.  unfortunately reclining couches are NOT light.  i think poor bret may have strained his back moving them in.  anyway, the exciting thing that happened today was getting the old couch removed from my property.  i advertised on ksl and freecycle and i had quite a few interested parties, but none with trucks at their ready disposal until today.  yep, today, in the rain, a little family showed up and took it off my porch.  now i'm ready to do some grilling!  maybe i'll go sit out there and read a book while listening to the gentle rain.  that sounds nice.  or maybe i should look at my long neglected chore list and see about organizing some odd closet.

Anyway, here's a bit of nostalgia regarding my old couch.  it was a sectional.  i love sectionals.
so long old couch.  i loved you for many years.  this couch came with my old apartment, left by a previous tenant.  dona and i recovered it using bed sheets - now that was a fun project, dying them pinkish.  she did all the work.  this is where my group of closest friends was first formed - evenings after working on a tree for the "festival of trees" as well as after swing dance class.  we planned quite a few camp outs and hikes while reclining on this couch.  it was on this couch that i first became a "buffy the vampire slayer fan."  we had cats cover it in fur that gave my good friend ed an allergy attack that lasted months.  in fact i was sitting on this couch the first time i "met" ed, while watching "dante's peak." over the years, when it was less valued, it got makeup on it from the various halloween party goers.  and who knows what else was spilled on it.  and i can't forget all the many many many naps taken on it.  really it may have been one of the most comfortable couches ever.  so long.  may you get a new covering and bring your new family joy.

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