Tuesday, April 26, 2011

catching up

has it really been a month? for the last couple weeks i've had ideas of things i should share on here, and then.... well, as you can guess, i don't do it and then i forget. i'm going to try to make a list of the random things that have happened in april.
1) my young women are doing awesome! i love young women. just this morning i even worked on my own personal progress value experience.
2) bret's thumb is nearly totally healed. he wouldn't let me share photos, but just a couple weeks ago he nearly lost his entire thumb print to a mandolin slicer. we now own a protective glove. and we are now the new spokespeople for neosporin and the power of band-aids.
3) i've mastered the art of sourdough baking. today i made pitas and they are perfect! luckily bret loves all things sourdough.
4) last week i went on a hike, that wound up being a snow shoe excursion.  we went to doughnut falls and the snow was seriously four feet deep.  it snowed down on us the whole time and it was wonderful!  there were quite a few bugs out, which i thought was odd.  i wonder what they will morph into eventually - they looked like the morphing kind.  are there morphing bugs?  i don't know, but i killed a few - couldn't help it - snow shoes are big!
5) i'm a fan of drying my clothes outside on the line. so much so that even in this crazy utah weather i risked it on monday. they got rained on. oh well. today i've seen rain, hail, and sunshine. seriously.
6) my new favorite quote: we become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day. - richard g. scott.


Mindie said...

yay! I'm glad you are using the new personal progress app! :) It was fun to build that one.

KC said...

I need sour dough lessons. We may need to sample some on our trip! :o)

plainoldsarah said...

mindie - i thought apps were for mobile devices only. anyway, i haven't used it much, but today i went exploring more. i saw a page with leader stuff - but i'm not sure how to access it AS a leader. i'll have to do more exploring. right now we're struggling to get info for our girls that will allow them to create user logins. some of our girls aren't officially in our ward.

kc - maybe i should bring some bagels on the trip! or muffins at least. i'll do it!