Monday, October 25, 2010

october is nearly over!

you know, the good thing about being on holiday is that you have motivation to post on your blog.  now i'm back and life is moving along like normal.  this morning i worked hard to get my chores done before 11, hoping to be called to volunteer at the school.  that didn't happen.  but i did get to go to the airport to pick up a friend and i got called by a woman in my ward to take her to welfare square to pick up some food.  she doesn't attend our ward - something about it meeting at 11 instead of 1, but also because she's super private and doesn't want to go to church with people that live in her building.  she had some pretty extreme views on things and i imagine living her life would be hard.  she's rather fearful and guarded and nervous.  i wish i knew how to help, but i'm afraid she's pretty locked away in there.  i guess i did my part by being a ride for her.

as for the october bit - what i DIDN'T do today was rake and shovel all the leaves that fell last night.  every year the week before halloween i hope for strong winds to knock my leaves down to make the yard look all festive.  it happened again this year, but i'm not throwing a halloween party like i have the last 6 years.  i'm not sure how i feel about that.  i do feel a bit lost - no real costume plans, no decorations (i used being out of town for two weeks as my excuse), and no candy in the house.  i need to get something since i figure trick or treaters might stop by, plus i'm hoping to be a part of the stake's trunk or treat activity.

i'll miss october.  it's one of my favorite months of the year.  i love halloween - just not enough to do much about it this year, apparently.

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Tricia said...

I've gotta get on that Halloween thing, too. I keep forgetting that two of my kids still need costumes.

I completely agree with your comment today, btw. Sometimes we do have to take it a step further and pray for the desire...