Friday, October 29, 2010

halloween guilt

with halloween so close i should admit the dilemma i faced last week.  now don't laugh.  i couldn't decide if i should buy candy for trick or treaters or bananas.  i'll admit right now i went with the candy, but then went through some frustrating self defending and questioning before just embracing my decision.  then today i came across this blog post that made me regret my decision.  maybe i'm doing too much analyzing - i'm sure mother would say so (right ma?), but truthfully i really really hate feeling like i'm letting corporations be in so much control of my life.  maybe it's the primal need to be in control, or the primal fear of being a victim, but either way lately i've found myself frustrated with myself.  so for this year, anyway, i'll be handing out candy.  maybe next year i'll have the guts to break out the bananas.  they're on sale for 18 cents right now!  that's only added the guilt of my decision.

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